January 1, 2021

OZ hosts spectacular New Year’s Eve party in the metaverse

Featuring music from Sigur Rós and the incredible sight of the Northern Lights, OZ and Directive Games came together to host an Icelandic New Year’s Eve party like no other.

London, UK, January 1st, 2021 - The world’s largest fully virtual New Year’s Eve concert treated guests and viewers to a unique experience that will live long in their memories. The special event saw attendees transform themselves into 3D avatars as they danced the night away to the music of Sigur Rós and Kaleo, and rubbed shoulders with Icelandic artists such as Briet, Stuðmenn & Friðrik Dór.

The innovative free-of-charge concert attracted guests from all over the world, with participants being able to experience the legendary Northern Lights and a spectacular virtual, pollution-free fireworks display. Capable of performing a range of facial expressions and dance moves, partygoers could see their avatar during the live stream that was broadcast online and on national television via the Icelandic channel RUV.

Not only was the virtual event a fitting way to see out a challenging year, but it offered a first chance for many to see in the new year under the Northern Lights – an opportunity most had only previously dreamt of. Full of life and energy, the event brought people together in a special way to ensure 2021 started in a memorable manner.

Guests were able to immerse themselves into another world thanks to the brand new interactive technology innovation fromwhich fuses Directive Games' immersive virtual scenes with the fun and accessible 3D Bitmoji. A pioneer in the new concept of self-expression, OZ has already worked with some leading avatar platforms to enable the world to attend live events and participate from the comfort of their own homes

The CEO of OZ, Gudjon Gudjonsson, says: “Our goal was to bring everyone together in a shared experience that was full of energy and life. I am proud that we have been able to achieve this and provide guests with memories that will stay with them forever. Thanks to OZ’s technology we have enabled audiences to overcome physical boundaries and come together to celebrate the new year. This opens up entirely new possibilities for the music, sports, gaming and fashion industries.”