December 1, 2021

OZ is selected for an Epic Megagrant for the OZ Builder Program

OZ is proud to have been selected by Epic Games for an Epic Megagrant

OZ is happy to announce that we have received an Epic Megagrant for the OZ Builder Program. The OZ Builder Program leverages technology that enables 3D enthusiasts to port avatars into virtual environments in Unreal Engine 4 and we have just recently updated our plugin to be compatible with the latest Unreal Engine 5. The plugin is open source for anyone to use and more can be learned about it on our Builders page.

OZ will continue to develop the plugin to ensure compatibility with the latest Unreal Engine and to enable anyone to create interactive experiences using avatars. The avatar systems currently available are Snap's Bitmoji and we have partnered with Wolf3D to introduce Ready Player Me avatars as well in the near future.